Our story began one night in 2018 when we were throwing back IPAs and chowing on a mouthwatering Buffalo chicken pizza. Feeling our waistlines expand with each bite, the conversation turned to us voicing our frustrations with the lack of on-the-go, healthy food in our community.

That gave us an idea. 


Not about to give up our foodie lifestyle—but also wanting some balance with healthier options—and knowing there were a whole lot of people out there feeling the exact same as us, URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN was born.Brandon ditched his corporate career. Allen put his entrepreneurial brain to work. And together, we began this crazy journey.

We didn’t want you walking away from those mouthwatering pizzas or hoppy pale ales. We just wanted to offer you—the foodie needing balance, the couch potato craving greens, the parent on the go, or the CrossFitter in training—healthier, on-the-go options. And it just so happens, nothing washes a blue-cheese burger down better than a Lil’ Mel juice. Trust us… we do it all the time.

Our mission was simple. We wanted to deliver organic, locally-sourced, “who cares if it’s healthy, we just love the way it tastes,” food and drink into as many hands as possible in our community, which is exactly what we did…

And like that Lizzo song you can’t get enough of, our Saratoga Springs brick and mortar eatery quickly became a staple for locals needing healthier, on-the-go options for their busy lives.

That gave us an idea. 


While we love to see your beautiful faces at our flagship shop, you can now get the goods delivered right to your door. There’s a reason we bought that state-of-the-art hydraulic juice press: to make the best damn juice out there while preserving every ounce of nutrition. Our cold-pressed organic juice brings 100% nutrition, shipped to you with every enzyme, vitamin and mineral intact, from our juice press to your front door. 

As for our smoothies, we take fresh fruits and vegetables, add in a few powerhouse mixers, blend and freeze. From the moment we craft our smoothies to how we pack them for shipping, every step is meticulous. So you always know, from our blender to yours, ain’t nothing but the best.

Made with you in mind and crafted in small batches, our online juice boxes and smoothie subscriptions are completely customizable and commitment-free!